Month: May 2018


Butterfly Chicken

Butterfly chicken is best served as starter and I am sure each one of you will love this because it is not at all time consuming recipe . Ingredients: Boneless chicken 1 Kg Potatoes ½ Kg (sliced & soaked in vinegar water for about 3 hours) Vinegar 1 Teaspoon Butter 50 Grams Cheese 250 Grams(grated) … Read More


Jahangiri Chicken

Mughlai Dishes are characterized by Rich & Creamy curry. They have a distinct aroma and taste of the whole and ground spices. Try out this delectable Mughlai Recipe of Jahangiri Chicken  on any occasion and make your loved ones feel special. Ingredients Chicken 1 kg Ginger garlic paste 2 table spoon Onions 2 to 3 … Read More


Personalised Gift from Perfico

Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you all had a great weekend .Today I have something exciting to share with you all. I just received a very special package from  Perfico , do you want to know what is inside ? I received two passport holders for couples,  aren’t they as pretty as anything ?   … Read More