How to choose the right moisturizer for your baby!


This year’s winters have been harsh. Moms in my friend circle and even family have just been talking about how winters this year have been taking a toll, especially on the skin. Moms especially are really concerned about what is the best baby lotion or cream to use that will be suitable for their baby’s delicate skin. In fact, I have got so many questions from moms on my Instagram page to share some tips on how to deal with winters better – especially considering baby skin suffers the most.

While I am no expert, as a mother, I have done a lot of research on baby skin because my daughter had super dry skin. Hence sharing some of my learnings and tips moms should know about the right baby skincare regime during winter in this blog so that you can benefit and also share with other moms.

Before we look at the solutions, it is important to understand what are the Factors that impact a baby’s skin during the winter. When my daughter was 1 year old, her pediatrician told me harsh winters often cause a baby’s skin to dry a lot more than adult skin. Products made with harsh chemicals, exposure to cold winds and even everyday activities like hot water baths can impact a baby’s delicate skin causing excessive dryness. There is a simple science to baby skincare, which is; baby’s skin is way thinner than adult skin, and hence tends to lose moisture faster. So, in short, there is one golden rule – Moisturize baby’s skin to help it, especially during the winters.

Not all moisturizers may work for your baby, so how do you choose the right baby lotion for winters?

Since harsh winters may cause baby’s skin to dry a lot more than adult skin, it is important to use the right baby lotion/cream for their skin. Experts often caution moms against using products that are loaded with too many chemicals and harmful ingredients and go for right baby lotions and creams that moisturize baby’s skin and act as a barrier against cold weather. When I was doing my research I looked up product labels and did my reading on ingredients. Based on what I learnt, heard and read I chose Johnsons Milk & Rice lotion or my LO.

It gave her the right care and helped keep her skin moisturized for 24 hours. The Milk & Rice lotion is made with ingredients like milk proteins and rice extracts. They are also free from harmful chemicals like parabens & dyes that ensure my baby’s skin stays delicate, soft and moisturized for 24 hours. When choosing a baby cream/lotion, baby allergy also must be kept in mind as some baby lotions/cream could irritate baby skin leading to rashes, allergies.

Don’t go by what I say, Research, test and then choose for your baby.

Every baby skin is different, and hence what I recommend may or may not work for your baby. Similarly, a lot of moms go after the “natural”,”organic” and “herbal” tags. Emollients marketed as natural, herbal and organic have to be used with caution as there is limited study data on these and hence, are to be avoided unless proven to be effective and safe. For me I was very sure I wanted products that are free from harmful chemicals like parabens and dyes.

If your baby has extremely sensitive skin that is prone to baby skin allergies or rashes, then opt for products with hypoallergenic ingredients. In case you are unsure of what these are, best to consult your doctor.

Is there a rule to select the right baby cream/lotion for dry baby skin?

Well the answer to the question above is of course “no”, however there are some factors that every mom must keep in mind when selecting the right baby lotion or baby cream especially when dealing with extremely dry skin for their little one:

  • Select cautiously, always ask moms like you before – especially if you are trying a product for the first time. I remember my sister was my best guide who recommended Johnsons Milk & Rice lotion, and I couldn’t be more thankful to her 🙂
  • Read the ingredient label and avoid any product that contains harmful ingredients like parabens and dyes. If you are unsure of any ingredient you see on the label – ask your doctor.
  • Also do a patch test when trying a new product for the first time and also check if it gives the baby 24 hours of moisturization and keeps the skin soft and supple. A patch test will also help identify baby skin allergy if any that the product is causing for your little one.

While we hear a lot about the harmful ingredients, there are also some ingredients that one can look out for in baby creams and lotions:

1. Rice Extracts : For baby skin that may be prone to dryness and loses moisture fast, Rice extracts are a great ingredient to look out for. “Rice Extracts” are hypoallergenic and helps keep babies’ delicate skin soft and moisturized all day. A gentle & safe formula enriched with rice extracts will work wonders to help moisturize and, nourish your baby’s skin.

2. Milk Protein: Exposure to hot water and bathing often strips off the natural moisture of the skin in babies which results in excessive dryness and skin irritation. Milk Protein in baby creams helps to soothe the baby’s dry and irritated skin and helps protect against the dryness. It gives the right moisturization that keeps baby skin soft.

And now for some general skincare tips to help protect baby’s delicate skin:

It is not a good idea to keep your child exposed to cold air for an extended period of time. Remember, baby skin is delicate and has a much lower tolerance to cold air compared to your skin.

Clothing should be chosen carefully. Layer up well, but ensure you are using soft fabrics that don’t irritate the baby’s skin.

Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize – a good moisturizer can be your best friend when it comes to protecting your baby’s delicate skin in the harsh winters.

While winters can be scary, they are also a great season to enjoy. I hope the above tips help you enjoy the season more and worry lesser 🙂

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  1. Big fan of milk and rice lotion here. In fact my kids have been brought up on J N J products, right from their birth.

  2. Jenifer says:

    Johnson’s baby care products is one the most trusted brand & a good moisturiser will protect baby’s sensitive skin.

  3. When it comes to the tender skin of Babies, one needs to be extra careful in selecting products. Johnson is of course a time-tested and reliable brand and has the right moisturizer among many other Baby products. Sandy N Vyjay

  4. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    I remember being subject to a lot of Johnson’s products as a child. They are trusted brand over generations. Forwarding this post to all my friends with babies. They will definitely benefit from your insights.

  5. Raksha says:

    Johnson’s products is all I have heard throughout my childhood and when I see my friends take products for their babies. I know that they are truly trusted brand and everyone loves their products.

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