The Final Call Teaser – This Arjun Rampal starrer promises edge-of-the-seat thrills



Of late, there has been a lot of buzz regarding ZEE5’s upcoming original series The Final Call. Based on the bestselling novel I Will Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime by Priya Kumar, the series has a fantastic star cast on board. With Arjun Rampal starring in the lead role, the series also features popular actors such as Neeraj Kabi, Javed Jaffrey and Sakshi Tanwar.

In the past few days, ZEE5 has released two teasers which majorly focus on Arjun Rampal’s character Captain Karan Sachdev.

The first teaser gave a glimpse into the mysterious character i.e Karan Sachdev. On one hand, he mentions being haunted by his past and the change he feels every time he flies. On the other hand, we hear someone feeling astounded by his lack of fear of dealing with some ‘poison’. As we see the charming Arjun Rampal walk in his full uniform, we hear that same man share his suspicion that Karan has killed someone before and he would do so again. Here is where the masterstroke of the teaser is, with the former revelation, the smile that Arjun gives to the camera now feels creepy. With this shot, the teaser had ended with many questions and tension like few teasers do.

While in the first teaser of The Final Call, Captain Karan Sachdev was portrayed as a dangerous guy, what the second teaser did with the character was kind of unexpected.

In the second teaser for The Final Call, we see Karan struggle with the difference between truth and lies. Visuals of him in Indian Air Force jumpsuits and uniforms unravel a new angle to the character. It hinted at a time when Karan felt proud and was happy at home and while serving his nation. But then, the mystery deepens when he suggests having discovered a certain conspiracy. In the end, alternating between the confident Air Force days to the tormented present days, Karan feels like a multi-dimensional character who is a victim of circumstance. Walking the grey line between right and wrong,  Arjun Rampal as Captain Karan Sachdev is a gripping character to look out for in The Final Call.

With slick visuals shot across Kashmir, Kochi, Thailand and London, The Final Call seems to be a binge-worthy web series with an abundant edge of the seat thrills. With Vijay Lalwani (of Karthik Calling Karthik fame) as the director, one can surely expect complex psychological angles that would your attention.

So, if you haven’t seen the trailer, check out the trailer below. In case you have, share your views on the teasers in the comments below. Either way, you should look forward to 22nd February when The Final Call premieres on ZEE5. This is one thrilling flight we feel you wouldn’t wanna miss!

10 Comments to The Final Call Teaser – This Arjun Rampal starrer promises edge-of-the-seat thrills

  1. Jenifer says:

    Yes, I won’t miss this . I liked the trailer & intrigued to watch it . Hope it will give us good entertainment.

  2. Jhilmil D Saha says:

    The trailer looks really intriguing. I am looking forward to giving this a watch. Will not miss it in any case.

  3. Nidhi KM says:

    Your review has convinced me to see the full movie. I am intrigued by the whole article.

  4. I am eager to watch this web series, zee5 is full on entertainment, can’t miss anything here

  5. Khushboo says:

    The trailer looks interesting. I like Arjun Rampal. I am looking forward to watch it.

  6. After watching the trailer am intrigued to watch the series.. Looking forward to watch and discover more about the same

  7. Neha Sharma says:

    Oh, this one is going to be super entertaining, I am looking forward to this series. And yes, Arjun Rampal looks damn hot in the teasers.

  8. Akanksha says:

    Zee 5 always have some amazing content for watching. This series sounds beautiful. The trailers specially sound really intriguing. I will have a look too.

  9. Bushra says:

    The Final Call sounds perfect thriller series to vouch for. Would love to watch the extremely talented Arjun rampal

  10. Amrit kaur says:

    Yeah i saw the teaser and it was completely different from first. Infact the second teaser made me curious to know what would happen next with him.

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