#ZindagiOnZEE5: 5 Most-Loved Zindagi Shows To Watch While You Are Stuck At Home




#ZindagiOnZEE5: 5 Most-Loved Zindagi Shows To Watch While You Are Stuck At Home


Never have I ever thought that we will have to live a life in such a way. We have crossed the mid of the year 2020 and experience till now has not been quite good. From Corona Pandemic, cyclones, earthquakes, forest fire to other tragedies, the way 2020 is treating us is quite troublesome. But as life is all about making each day count so we all should take all the necessary precautions and respect mother nature as well.

While being packed in my home and doing work from home, I am missing the dose of entertainment in my life. I tried switching to television but it didn’t work out. So, I started searching for OTT platforms and came across ZEE5 that offers interesting and entertaining content.

ZEE5 has come up with Zee club pack to make the watching experience even more amazing. With this pack, I can finally put an end to my curiosity to know what will happen next in my favorite shows such as Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, etc., as I can catch the latest episodes of the shows before it go on air. Further, I can access two screens at a time through this pack. Amazing….. Isn’t it?

In this post, I will be telling you about 5 #ZindagiOnZEE5 that you can watch on ZEE5 to get your dose of entertainment while you are stuck at home and unwind.


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The story of this Urdu Drama Serial revolves around a businessman named Kamaal, who is rich and arrogant. His son Sherry/Sheheryar befriends Zoya, who is the daughter of his father’s driver. Sherry eventually falls for Zoya. When Kamaal got to know about this love affair, he leaves no stone unturned to keep the duo away. There is yet another twist. Anam is deeply in love with Sherry and conspires against Zoya to separate Zoya from Sherry. Will Anam be successful in her plan? Will Sherry and Zoya be able to live a happy life? To get the answers you need to watch this show on ZEE5.


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The beauty of this show is that it touches a strong point in an impactful way. The story of this show revolves around Sana, who is engaged to Adarsh. Saad has an eye on Sana and rapes her. Sana tells the whole truth Adarsh’s mother and she accepts her as daughters-in-law but Adarsh refuses to accept Sana, leaving a pregnant Sana shocked and devastated. Will Sana be able to live a normal life again? Catch the show to get the answer.

3) Dil Mohallay Ki Haveli

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This show made me remember my first day in my in-laws house. The show revolves around the life of an old fashioned Amma Jaan, who lives with her sons and daughters in law. Her strict kitchen rules are considered old school by her daughters-in-law. Amma loves discipline and hence leaves no stone unturned but she equally cares for her family members as well. Simple and interesting storyline and powerful acting by the cast make this show a must-watch.


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Yakoob and Miaanji are two estranged brothers who get their respective daughters married to each other’s sons. Yakoob kills Miaanji’s son and it results in a family feud. To take revenge Miaanji kills Yakoob’s daughter. Meanwhile, Yakoob’s younger daughter Aasiya falls for her professor, Sir Chauhan.

Starring a great ensemble of cast, this revenge saga is definitely a worth watch.


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The two protagonists of this show are Haniya and Yamina. Yamina is married to Adam while Haniya is in love with her classmate, Ibad. But the catch is that I ad’s parents didn’t accept Haniya as their daughter-in-law. Will Haniya be able to convince them or not? Will her love story meet a tragic end? Do watch this show on ZEE5 to get the answer.

The above-mentioned shows are sure to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions ranging from love, romance, betrayal, anger, revenge, etc. So make sure to catch these shows and make your day more entertaining.

18 Comments to #ZindagiOnZEE5: 5 Most-Loved Zindagi Shows To Watch While You Are Stuck At Home

  1. Manisha says:

    Your picks seem very interesting to watch will surely check these out on ZEE5.

  2. Cindy Dsilva says:

    Of all, MERI Jaan hair tu looks like a good one. Will out this one also on my never ending list.

  3. Saman Akbar says:

    Thanks for such an informative post. Now i no longer need to think what to watch and where 👍🏻

  4. Arulmozhi N says:

    I am loving this list 😀 surely gonna catch up on a few of these

  5. Sucha wide variety of subjects and each serial seems so different and great to watch. Must look these up soon. Thanks for sharing

  6. Nitya says:

    I’m definitely going to watch this on zee5 soon! It looks like a must watch and is filled with entertainment.

  7. I have never seen any serial on zindagi but with zee5 coming up with this pack, i will catch the famous shows soon.

  8. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    Thank for the recommendations, always helpful for a platform like ZEE5 with loads of content.

  9. I think ZEE5 has taken a great initiative to collaborate with Zindagi TV to showcase its content to the audience.

  10. Ishieta says:

    I have heard so much about the programs on the channel Zindagi. Definitely going to checkout Z5 to see for myself what is the Hype all about

  11. Thanks for these recommendations. Pakistani shows have nice narratives and storylines. I’ve seen quite a few earlier and have been a fan ever since.

  12. The content on ZEE5 are really amazing with a variety of genre being covered. These shows look appealing to those who has a liking for dramas on life in general.

  13. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    I love the amazing content on ZEE5. Am surely going to give your recommendations a shot.

  14. Wow… I’m super excited that zindagi is back on Zee5. I was a fan when zinfagi use to air on tv with some really great shows frm around the globe. I am gonna check out the shows u have mentioned though I’ve seen many shows frm across the border….

  15. Wow superb shows I was not aware that it had urdu shows also.

    I loved your picks..would definitely tune in.

  16. jenifer says:

    Zindagi channel was so much famous and had overtaken Indian serials.
    But then it stopped, thankfully ZEE5 has it and all these shows I haven’t watched, so will see it soon.

  17. These are some great shows to watch in this lockdown. I have watched a couptof them and heard rave reviews about the others.

  18. Smitha N says:

    Zee5 has great to go with collection definitely will be checking out and this looks great sure will watch tnx for the review…

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