My First Chatty Blog #ChattyBlogs

Hi guys hope you are well. I’m Amna a mom, wife, homemaker and a new blogger. In fact this is my third post.

When I stumbled upon this prompt I knew I can write for this without any pressure. After all rambling  is allowed, right 😉


Little Bit Abut Me

I like to sketch and sharing few of my sketches with you. I also had an exhibition some million years back in Gurgaon.

Sharing some of my sketches 🙂 Please excuse the quality  of pictures though 🙁





I’m passionate about makeup. I mean I know everything left, right and center of it. Feel free to ping me if you want any help ever 🙂


I like to cook, and really enjoy the process. I made some besan laddos at home the other day 🙂


Oh, and, I.m blessed with  two kids one boy and girl!


Blogging Is New To Me

Blogging is new to me, and 99% I use my cell phone to write posts. My laptop is a little down 🙁




I started my first post with the Super Blogger ChallengeBut, I also wanted to ramble LOL and hope to be here every month.

I’m hoping to blog more and learn more! I would maybe start to share more recipes once I’ warm up a little bit:)

I have zero knowledge about blogging, and Z made me take the plunge. Would shout out to Dr.Bushra for helping me with the domain and explaining all the blog lingo to me.

I hope to connect with all of you in future. May I request you all to join me on FB and   Twitter. 

Thanks so much

Love Amna

Linking up with Shantala’s chatty blogs.

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  1. Judy says:

    Welcome to blogging world dear.. Your sketches are so beautiful and so our your thoughts be nice and passionate about writing and dont compete.

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