How to get relief from Menstrual cramps






1)Take a safe painkiller that might help to soothe your cramps



2)Turn to herbal tea, there are certain teas that helps in reducing menstrual cramps but be careful about drug interaction



3)Try fish oil , this is the natural way of controlling cramps by taking vitamin B1 & Fish oil supplements.



4) Massaging with aromatic oil is another natural way that helps in curing menstrual cramps to some extent


5) What about trying a patch? Have you ever heard of it? Yes, you heard it right! 

Pain relief patch from Sirona is one of the best way to control Menstrual Cramps.

It contains Menthol and Eucalyptus oil which helps to provide instant relief from pain, inflammation, gastrointestinal difficulties. It can also be used for generic cramps like on calves, thighs, arms, etc.

Comes in affordable price of  ₹292/- for pack of 5 patches


What I love about this patch is that it is easy to carry and so flexible & thin that it doesn’t irritate your skin when you move or bend and 100% herbal , without any chemicals and a better option for those who have no time for all the above activities.(Massaging/ Making tea/or those who wanna avoid pills.)


How to apply the patch:

  1. To apply the patch tear the seal of the pouch by using scissor.
  2. Open the ziplock and take out one patch.
  3. Reseal the ziplock containing remaining patches.
  4. Ensure that the pain affected area is clean & completely dry.
  5. The patch will not stick properly in case the skin is wet or moist due to water or sweat.
  6. Gently pull out the skin colour patch from the released paper or film.
  7. Paste the exposed adhesive on the pain affected area and slowly pull away the remaining release paper to completely paste the patch.
  8. Gently press the patch to ensure proper pasting.



How to remove the patch:

Gently pull out the patch from one of the edges. Slowly start pulling the patch towards the other edge. If the patch is applied to a hairy region make sure you pull it gently/slowly so that it doesn’t hurt. In case you experience pain use some oil to remove the patch.

My experience with the product:

It gives cooling sensation like vicks when you put it on , perhaps due to menthol in it. It claims to be long lasting ,say all night(12hrs) whereas it lasted only for about 6 to 7 hours for me so I would like to add that results may vary from person to person.

Otherwise it is an awesome invention for women , for girls in their teenage who wouldn’t have to skip school/college due to menstrual cramps now and for people like me who like to avoid medication/pain-killers due to its side effects.

Where you can buy it?

You can get it easily from Amazon/ Nykaa / Flipkart/ Paytm Mall.


Hope you all found this review helpful for making a better choice next time you experience any Menstrual Cramps.


17 Comments to How to get relief from Menstrual cramps

  1. Deepika says:

    Pain relief patch is new for me. I never heard about it. Thanks for sharing. This is sound interesting.

  2. The patch definitely sounds interesting especially since it can be used for other kinds of pain too. Good to know.

  3. I am completely against taking medicines for pain, and so this comes as a wonderful change. will surely check this out.

  4. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I have not heard of these patches, but I will try them out. Another sure shot way of relieving menstrual cramps is by applying a hot water bottle to the area.

  5. Ruchi Verma says:

    I have really not heard and used this before but seems so much great for all women and girls out there..Thanks a lot for sharing I will sure check out

  6. Dipika says:

    This is an amazing aid, thanks a lot for sharing about this pain-relief patch. I will surely try this during next time.

  7. Varsh says:

    I’ve had to resort to all sorts of home remedies for menstrual cramps as mine can get real painful at times. A pain relief patch sounds great. Can definitely give this a try!

  8. Roma says:

    I got crazy with cramps dear, your suggestions ere significant. Also, I will try the patch dear

  9. Sharvari says:

    I have not heard about pain relief patch for Menstrual cramps before. This is such a fabulous product and perfect for those cramps especially for someone who does not like taking medication

  10. These patches are revolutionary and definitely using them is better than popping a pain killer.

  11. Neha Sharma says:

    I recently came to know about these menstrual pain relief patches from a friend. She has found them really effective and after reading some honest reviews like yours, I have also ordered a pack for myself. will be trying these very soon.

  12. Charu says:

    I never knew a patch can be so helpful in this regard. This is new for me. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Tina Basu says:

    hot water bags always help me. These are wonderful tips you have mentioned here.

  14. The patch is new…I too used to get cramps a lot, but it went away we regular exercise..

  15. Sayeri says:

    I have read some reviews about this product. For me its not cramps but tremendous heavy flow for the first 2 days. But those who are facing cramps can definitely use this product.

  16. Jhilmil D Saha says:

    I get tremendous cramps, they are like the worse. These are definitely gonna be helpful

  17. Nice read. There really is a lot more than just one way of understanding things. I have been looking everywhere for this! I enjoyed reading this.

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