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Hi all mommies there!

How you all doing?:). Greetings in advance for the upcoming festive season.

Today, I would like to share my own experience over dental and oral hygiene with you all.

As parents, we all love and adore our kids. We care about their over all growth. Good health is always an important part of kids growth. It is must that we follow a regular health check up routine for our kids.

In reality, most of the times, we take our kids for check up only when they are not well. Other days, we tend to neglect about regular health check ups. One of the most important check ups (which we neglect most) is ‘oral and dental hygiene check up’. It plays very important part in kids health.

Why I am stressing so much on this because, in one of the recent studies done by health department of our government, it was found that 92% of students were affected with dental cavities, decay and gum problems.

This survey further tells us that between 40-50 percent of Indian population has never visited a dentist.

Colgate being a pioneer in oral and dental care products took many positive steps to bring awareness about oral hygiene and decided to organise free dental check up camps in many small and big cities across India.

I got an opportunity to visit  one of such ‘Oral Hygiene and Dental Camps’  conducted by Colgate in my city. I visited there along with my little one. During my visit and while having a curious conversation with dental experts at the camp, I came across the most shocking fact that ‘1 in 2 kids’ in Northern India have cavities. This visit opened my eyes to many health facts and made me realise that a kids’s oral and dental health has a direct impact on their overall wellbeing.

After a thorough  check up at dental camp, they gave us 5 dental cards to share with family and friends  for a dental checkup.

 It is surprising to find that, 2 out of 5 of my friends who visited dentist through the Colgate Dental cards, found that their kids are suffering  from dental related problems. 

The timely visit to Colgate dental camp made me receive a wake-up call about the lack of oral care and the many dental problems that our kids go through. Thank you Colgate! :).

Yes, oral hygiene is the gateway to a healthy body. We should recognise the importance of strong teeth for good oral health. Good oral and dental hygiene can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease and help to keep our kids teeth as we they get older. I am glad Colgate sent me this lovely hamper full of healthy  foods rich in calcium and the all new Colgate Strong Teeth, that has 4x strengthening power. It helps add natural calcium and strengthens teeth from within – Colgate for healthy teeth all the way!

Please share with me the steps you follow  for your child’s dental health and I will be picking my two favourite answers to win a hamper from @Colgatein!

Love you all..Have a great day ! 🙂

17 Comments to Free Dental and Oral Hygiene Camp organised by Colgate  

  1. Ghazala Naseem says:

    We need to teach our kids about oral hygiene and nice hamper from Colgate 🙂

  2. Anait Direduryan says:

    I am very pleased of using colgate
    And advice you to buy.
    Many thanks to Amna for her presentation. She is really help us to chose the good one.

  3. Great post and you had shared really valuable points regarding dental hygiene. I always ensure my girls brush to their teeth properly twice a day. and I also try to avoid giving them sweets and other sticky items. regular check ups are integral part of our routine. and i believe it helps in early detection of dental issues.

  4. Dental care and hygiene are so important and must be taught to kids at an early age, am shocked to see the figures of people who never been to the dentist that’s really ignorant.

  5. Ruchi Verma says:

    It’s important that kids learn proper oral care …I am so happy that Colgate has taken up this initiative!!

  6. Neha Sharma says:

    This is such a great initiative by Colgate, spreading awareness about oral care is much needed. And you are right oral hygiene is the gateway to a healthy body. For my child’s dental health, I make sure that he doesn’t eat anything sweet before sleeping. Then I also take care that he eats healthy food rich in calcium. And, definitely, I try to make him brush twice even though it’s a pretty challenging task especially the night time brushing.

  7. Milan says:

    It was a nice initiative by Colgate to highlight the importance of oral health in kids right from the beginning.

  8. neha says:

    so well written post and explained too Colgate is one of the old and trusted brand.

  9. The stats indeed are alarming buddy and indeed colgate is doing a fab job through this initiative

  10. Bushra says:

    Developing oral health and hygiene habits is needed from beginning. Great initiative by Colgate.

  11. MeenalSonal says:

    My family is using colgate since many years and it is a product that one can blindly rely.

  12. True, dental hygiene is much neglected until we find ourselves in pain. Camps and awareness like this are much needed.

  13. Amrit Kaur says:

    This is good initiative by colgate to set up dental check up camps. We trust colgate too.

  14. Tina Basu says:

    This is a very nice innitiative by colgate, kids need to get their teeth checked often and also maintain a good oral hygiene

  15. These sort of healthcare related camps are very necessary. Dental health is a very important factor and its good to see Colgate doing such a great job

  16. Sanjiv says:

    Good Morning
    Myself Dr Sanjiv Agarwal
    Practicing at Begusarai,Bihar . I have been made DC Dental Health Ceck Up Camp of Lions Club Dist.322E .comprising 129 clubs in whole of Bihar .We want to Organise dental check up CAMPS at school level in whole of Bihar.

  17. This is such an informative and well-written article! I appreciate the thorough research that went into That. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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