Classic animated shows to revisit on ZEE5

Classic animated shows to revisit on ZEE5

Who doesn’t like cartoons? Are you one of them? In my childhood, my dad encouraged my brother and me to watch knowledge-based TV shows like the ones from Discovery, Nat Geo, to name a few. We would watch it every day, that is of course until he leaves for work. That’s because then my brother and I would immediately switch the channel to Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network is my entire childhood, and I’m not even exaggerating it. I used to love cartoons, and I’m not afraid to admit that my first crush was, in fact, a girl from this cartoon called the ‘mummy’. Damn, I miss those days.

Cartoon Network’ is not as same as it was 10 years back. Kids nowadays watch some boring TV shows on Cartoon Network. They watch shows called Mighty Raju, Chota Bheem and God knows what else. And since we are talking about these shows, I just want to set the record straight, Chota Bheem is not as strong as Batman. The odds of Bheem beating Batman is as same as you end up finding a good cartoon show on TV, NONE. I Know that was a very harsh thing for someone to say, but someone had to do it. I am not saying that these cartoons are bad, but they will never be as good as the one we used to have in our days.

The times are not that bad. All these shows still exist for you to watch on ZEE5. If you are a parent who is letting his kid watching these boring cartoon shows on TV, then this is the perfect article for you. Because I have made a list of Cartoon Shows that you should watch right away. Wait! I mean you should make your kids watch right away and finally show them what a real cartoon looks like. Let’s get started, shall we?

Johnny Bravo: I feel pity for these kids when I see them laughing at the lame jokes used in today’s cartoon shows. They do not know what a well-written comedy cartoon show looks like. Growing up, I could relate so many people with Johnny Bravo, and it puts a grin on my face every time. He was tall, handsome and a beefcake, and still would not get girls. I mean, I still end up aching my tummy remembering the comic scenes with the confident but dumb Johnny. This is exactly what we are supposed to teach our kids, that sometimes you just cannot have everything that you wish for.

Dexter’s Laboratory: If you want your kid to watch cartoon shows and learn science while doing it, then no look further than Dexter’s Laboratory. Why did they stop airing this show on Cartoon Network in the first place? Dexter did some mind-boggling inventions, and I bet Tesla’s flamethrower is inspired by one of his inventions. Today’s cartoon shows just sugarcoats the brother-sister relationship. The only show that captured the real relationship between a brother and sister is Dexter’s Laboratory, and you can’t deny that. I miss it.

Samurai Jack: Let’s say you want to teach your kids that they should never give up, no matter how big and strong the hurdle is. Then just make them watch Samurai Jack because when Samurai Jack faces all his enemies sent by Aku, you kids will learn that if they keep fighting and stand up every time they fall there is nothing in this world that can stop them from becoming what they want. Isn’t that we, as parents, are supposed to do in the first place?

Ed, Edd & Eddy: You saw this one coming, didn’t you? This is by far the most loved TV shows by boys in their adolescence. Ed, Edd & Eddy is reminiscent of our childhood growing up. They faced all the issues that we did when we were just their age, like not knowing how to talk to girls, looking for jobs to make some money during summer holidays and most importantly try to maintain the friendship with the closed buddies.

I’m damn sure that you are going to watch it first, even before you show this to kids. To catch these shows online, all you got to do is log in to ZEE5. They are many such classic shows from Cartoon Network that you can enjoy and get nostalgic about.

12 Comments to Classic animated shows to revisit on ZEE5

  1. Noorain says:

    Johnny Bravo, was definitely my childhood favourite as well. I loved the complete list of the animated shows you wrote about.

  2. Me myself still addicted to cartoons even after being mom of 2kids. Zee5 added more happiness in life with cartoons

  3. Sadaf says:

    Amazing and beautiful post. Superb kids TV shows on ZEE5. I love to watch cartoon network. Great thoughts.

  4. Siddhi says:

    The minute I read the headline my mind went like “yaasssssss” because the 90s cartoon was so much better and I miss it so bad! Will check this surely

  5. Amrita says:

    Dexter was a big inspiration behind my childhood adventures.ZEE5 has an amazing roundup.

  6. Akanksha says:

    I second that the cartoon network is not same as it was years ago and there are just useless programmes these days. We have not exposed our child to Cartoon network yet but he loves watching the Tom and Jerry show from our times. I will check out zee5 for more options.

  7. Bushra says:

    I love watching cartoons movie best way to get disconnected from the world. Dexter’s and Jonny bravo are my favourite from the list

  8. Oh I so much love watching animated shows, it basically a family love for us. I’m sure to watch these over Zee5 soon.

  9. This took me back to so soo many memories 😍😍😍 lovely article… Definitely watching these in the long break.

  10. Neha Sharma says:

    I absolutely agree with you. The cartoon network may not be the same how it was back then but the cartoon shows from our childhood can never get old. Jhonny bravo and Dexter’s laboratory are still my favorites.

  11. This is such a nostalgic post. Johnny bravo, samurai Jack and dexter’s laboratory were the shows which I grew up watching. And it is great that all of them are available on zee 5.

  12. Thora Bolick says:

    thanks for sharing this information.have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

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