Health Benefits of Drinking Tulsi Herbal Tea


Winter is back again with shorter days and colder weather, finding the motivation to stay healthy and fit can be really difficult which can lay the foundation for a weakened immune system, posing a greater risk of developing illness or injury but that doesn’t mean you give up on your herbs. One of the best herb that can help you stay fit during winters and fight many season related diseases such as fever and cold etc  is “TULSI/BASIL LEAVES”  and I am using Jarved Herbal Tulsi Tea this winter which claims to be 100% organic and comes with many Health Benefits

TULSI(Basil) which is most sacred herb of India is also known as  “Queen of Herbs” .

For ages, it has been known for its medicinal uses in Ayurveda that makes it an effective remedy for several ailments

Chewing on a few tulsi leaves on regular basis can be super beneficial for you,but do you know sipping on tulsi tea can give you even better results? 


Here are the reasons why you should be sipping on tulsi tea instead of your regular tea:


1) Beats the stress

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It increases the capacity to balance to changing and challenging environments, and reduces the negative physical and psychological effects of stress (adaptogenic).


Adaptogenic‘ meaning

An adaptogen is an agent that helps the body adapt more efficiently to stress. Adaptogens reduce the intensity and negative impact of the stress caused by mental tension, emotional difficulties, poor lifestyle habits, disease and infection, pollution and other factors. Tulsi is one of the most effective adaptogens known.


2) Improves stamina :

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It increases energy and performance and increases the body’s efficiency in using oxygen


3) Anti aging properties:

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Helps to regain youthful vigour, slows down biological aging process


4) Immunity boost-Up.

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It strengthens and balances the immune system. Reduces allergic histamine, asthmatic and other adverse immune reactions.


5) Anti-inflammatory Action.

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Reduces the painful and dangerous inflammation that plays a key role in various forms of arthritis, cancer and degenerative neurological disorders.


6) Nutrition.

Contains vitamins C and A, and minerals calcium, zinc and iron, as well as chlorophyll and many other phytonutrients. It also enhances the efficient digestion, absorption and use of nutrients from food and other herbs.


7) Radiation Protection.

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Reduces the cell and tissue damage caused by harmful rays of the sun, TV, computers, X-rays, radiation therapy, high altitude air travel, etc.


8) Dissolve the kidney stones

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By reducing the uric acid levels in the body it helps in improving the functioning of kidney cells. Presence of essential oils in Tulsi Tea helps in breaking down kidney stones. These essential oils also help to lessen the pain of kidney stones.

9) Heart and Vascular Protection.

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Lowers the risk of bad cholesterol and stress-related high blood pressure, protects the heart and blood vessels, and has mild blood thinning qualities, thereby decreasing the likelihood of strokes.

10) Weight Loss
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You must have tried several weight loss products and supplements to shed those extra calories and achieve a healthy and slimmer body. Some of those supplements work, but most are just a scam! If you are tired of trying several diet pills without any successful results, try tulsi tea for effective and safe weight loss results. This herbal brew works by increasing your metabolism, which in turn helps in accelerating fat burning process. It provides a healthy and natural way to lose weight.



How to prepare Tulsi Herbal Tea?


1 cup water
1-2 tablespoons dried tulsi (or a handful of fresh tulsi leaves and flowers)


Bring the water to a boil.

Remove from the heat and pour over the tulsi in a heat-safe container.

Allow the tea to steep, covered, for 15-20 minutes.

Strain tulsi from tea and enjoy daily.


Would you like to enjoy the health benefits of Tulsi Leaves too? If so, buy special blend of 100% organic Tulsi Tea here


The famous monument in India, and one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal has vast tulsi plantations to curb air pollution. Such is its cleansing power!


For how long can you can store TULSI TEA?

Consume the product within two years of the manufacturing date. Keep it in a cool, dry place in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight.


Side Effects Of Drinking Tulsi Tea

There are no evidence demonstrating the side effects of the tulsi tea if taken in moderation. Excess of anything is bad for any of us 🙂

Might Act As A Blood Thinner

Tulsi tea reduces hypertension, by which it can modify the composition and physical properties of your blood, like its thickness.

If you are due for surgery, you might be asked to stop taking this tea because it might delay the blood clotting process, which could be lethal.


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  1. Sonal Chutkay says:

    Lovely article amna. knew tulsi was a super plant but didn’t know it medicinal values.. thank you for sharing it with us 😊

  2. Ghazala Naseem says:

    This tea seems a healthy one , especially since it has Tulsi , will check this out 🙂

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