Akoori – A funny glimpse into a quirky family!

Akoori – A funny glimpse into a quirky family!


Hey everyone!

Hope you are well and happy today! Just in case, you are looking for another reason to smile, I recently found something that can help. It’s the trailer for a brand new web series called Akoori. Now you might be thinking that there are so many web series out online, what’s so special about it? I too felt the same when I came across it, so I understand. It’s only when I saw the trailer that I found myself laughing my heart out. Here’s what I saw and felt about Akoori.

Akoori Trailer Review:

So, Akoori revolves around a Parsi family. When I think family, I used to remember Hum Saath Saath Hain and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham type movies. But now that definition is out for the window with Akoori. Darshan Jariwala plays a Parsi guy who has no issues cussing when he is pissed at someone. His wife is seen to be in a coma and that’s when the kids come back home to visit. Here is when the fun goes to the next level.

Watch the trailer here:

The son, played by Shadab Kamal, who is hinted to be a homosexual, lets out some secrets of his father in a glimpse of a hilarious dinner argument. The daughter, played by Zoa Morani is stuck in an unhappy marriage with a Punjabi businessman. Her Punjabi husband too shares the sentiment, as he is later seen praising his naughty experience of a Thailand trip. To add to this mix, the Bawa father’s brother has his eyes on the property. But the cherry on the cake is the charming Lillette Dubey, who is seen trying to hold the family together, but also in an affair with Darshan Jariwala.

Phew! That’s a lot of stories in a single family. But that’s exactly where the fun is. Akoori justifies its quirky title by presenting a scrambled mess of a family with liberal doses of laughter. But more than the laughs, I loved the trailer mainly because it speaks about things like LGBT, marital issues and infidelity in an unfiltered manner. These are conversations that need to be out there through well-told stories. Going by the trailer, Akoori surely looks promising too.

I am surely looking forward to watching Akoori on ZEE5. I highly recommend you check it out too. Once you do, you will know that you are in for a fun ride.




13 Comments to Akoori – A funny glimpse into a quirky family!

  1. ZEE5 is all set to come out with some interesting shows. A combination of such talented and versatile cast will definitely bring glow to the show.

  2. This seems a perfect dose of drama with good punches. Zee5 has come out with some must needed watch.

  3. Priyal says:

    Zee5 is coming up with such a good series, that we all are excited to watch it, and this one seems to full of drama ,will gonna watch it

  4. It’s seems so interesting,funny and entertaining. Zee5 has bought so many amazing shows

  5. Sayeri says:

    I love watching web series. The trailer is really cool In our stressful life we need such stories. 🙂

  6. I love zee5 app. That’s the first app I installed on my smart TV when I bought one. I was a part of the digital team of zee when this concept was floated but to be able to see it being a part of every Indian’s life, the feeling is elation.

  7. Khushboo says:

    I would love to see some interesting shows and movies on ZEE5. It’s fun to catch up series and movies there

  8. Ishieta says:

    hahaa… what a funny trailer! This looks like so much fun & what a great star cast! i am loving the shows coming up on zee5!

  9. Ashh G says:

    This series sounds like a must watch. I have got couple of movies and series on my “Zee5 to watch” wishlist already but I will start with this one.

  10. this seems like the Indian version of the hit English series “modern family”. funny all through, also I have noticed that zee 5 is coming up as a great entertainment app. so easy to catch all the fun on your mobile.

  11. Dr Bushra says:

    Sounds like a entertaining comedy series and worth watching. Indeed zee5 comes with some amazing series

  12. smitha says:

    this is something new come up, these days web series are coming up with so much good unside…

  13. With thanks! Valuable information!

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