5 Important Tips for Time Management

5 Important Tips for Time Management :

Time management is a struggle for many people these days. We have so much to do in both our work and personal lives – and so little time to make it all happen. If you are a manager, executive, or startup leader, time management becomes even more of a challenge: You have to juggle both your team’s needs and your own.

There are many ways to improve your time management skills. Plenty of tips and techniques are available to aid you in todays time. Here are five of my favorites:

1 Make a Schedule – and Stick to It & know your Priorities:


Start improving your time management skills by organizing your days and weeks in advance. There will always be surprises, but it’s likely that you have an idea about the kinds of tasks and responsibilities you have to deal with every day.

To efficiently execute any project, you need to decide which stages or components of the project are most important to your business and the impact of each stage/component in the short, medium, and long terms.
In other words, you must figure out which tasks or activities will deliver the best returns. That way, you can prioritize these over less important tasks.

2. Set Some Boundaries

If you want that your team and family to let you work in peace, you need to inform them when you aren’t available. People can’t read your mind, so it’s up to you to set boundaries when necessary. You don’t want to sound rude, so be sure to communicate your limits in a polite – but direct – manner.
To make this work, you will have to make a few things clear to everybody:
– Which hours of the day you don’t want to be disturbed at all, except in case of an emergency.
– What counts as an “emergency.”
– When you are free to take quick phone calls or answer simple requests.

3.Account for Good Distractions

No one can work for hours on end. We all need breaks to help us stay productive. The best thing to do is to accept that distractions will happen and try to incorporate them into your schedule.

Block out some downtime during your schedule every day. This may mean setting aside a few minutes here or there for a cup of coffee, a walk in the corridor, or a trip outside for some fresh air.
You can also use your breaks to try some stress management techniques, like breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga.

4. Get some Tech Help

There are many time management apps available for both Android and iOS devices. These can help you boost your productivity and ensure that you are doing what has to be done.

For example If your goal is to keep your calendar in order, download Cal or aCalendar.

5.Never Procrastinate

If it can be done today, do it today. This golden rule should be your motto if you want to make the most of your time.
Take it a step further: If something in your schedule changes, and you find yourself with extra time before the end of the day, start on the next day’s tasks without thinking twice. It’s much better to finish your week earlier on Friday than it is to get stuck working on a last-minute project.
Time management requires discipline, planning, a strong attitude, and the help of a few good tech tools. But if you get it right, it will definitely pay off in terms of higher productivity and lower stress levels.
Give these tips a try and see what works for you. Your team, your partners, your clients, and even your family and friends will be much happier to be around you when you’re relaxed and on top of things.

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  1. My problem is weird, I spend more time thinking about the work that awaits in the pipeline than actually executing them. Trying hard not to spend time thinking😭

    Pls read my week9 post for #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  2. Minal says:

    I really like the way you have listed down the points! I shall try them out all and let you know the progress report💕



  3. Sayeri says:

    I have my job, my household work, my family, son, my blog – so I also notedown my work and do one by one. Really good tips you have shared. Thanks dear

  4. Sinduja says:

    No matter how many times I try and organize myself I keep going back to miserably failing at time management. Must give another go soon

  5. The post is very helpful for everyone, specially freelancer moms like me. I try to schedule things abd prioritize too.

  6. Charu says:

    Great tips. Time management is the key for a successful life. I struggle with time after being a parent but now am trying to get a hang of my schedule.

  7. Nameesh says:

    Great thoughts on time-management. I have attended couple of sessions as part of soft-skill in my previous org. But surely a nice article capturing the ones that are essential is good. Never procrastinate is the best thing to have in mind 🙂

  8. this post has come on such a good time. i have been going crazy with kids, house and blogging. some very useful tips, will try and put them to use

  9. Neha Sharma says:

    It’s really hard for me to manage time. I try to plan ahead but most of the times I find myself stuck with some other tasks. I am going to execute the tips that you have shared, hopefully, these will be helpful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Yogeeta says:

    Time Management tips are super useful 😍
    I face distraction at times 🙈 I’m keeping these pointers in mind for sure.

  11. In the fast paced life of today, this is a much needed article. I agree with all the points and I am glad I follow this routine everyday.

  12. Shaily Tandon says:

    Yes, I absolutely agree with all the points. Time management is actually the key to success and living a healthy life also.

  13. Thanks for sharing these 5 Important Points for time management. Should be followed by all. 👍👍

  14. To me, making schedule and setting goals is really something which helps me for the scarce time I have. I love to take help from my loved ones as well.

  15. I often struggle with time management. Handling two kids and working from home gets too difficult to manage sometimes. Thanks for sharing such helpful tips. And I’m downloading the app you mentioned about right away.

  16. SARAH says:

    These are some really valuable tips I needed to read for time management and yes it is the best to get things done right away rather than delaying it for later.

  17. Akanksha says:

    Great tips Amna. Accepting that there will be distractions and keeping some downtime definitely helps sticking to schedule. I love maintaining journals and use my phone to put alarms for important tasks.

    IG: @ms_tantrum

  18. Ashh says:

    Such a lovely post! Great tips here. I have downloaded some time management apps on my android phone to help as well.


  19. Papri Ganguly says:

    Being a mother and a working woman ,it is difficult for me to manage time. Thanks for sharing such useful tips

  20. Absolutely setting priorities and avoiding distractions is key to managing time. Procrastination. Is my evil when it comes to time management

  21. Dr Bushra says:

    I love to schedule and do my work on time. Like you said it’s the golden rule for me. Thanks for so many useful time management tips

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  23. Ruchi Verma says:

    I really feel blessed that my parents taught me time management and I do follow that till now.

  24. ConsueloBold says:

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  25. Jeni says:

    Time management is imp. It needs special skills :). Thanks for sharing all the tips here.

  26. I absolutely agree to all the points. I also try to maintain a schedule from before and work accordingly so that eorks dont collide.

  27. Papri Ganguly says:

    It is really important to manage time. This tips are really helpful for manage time.

  28. working from home sometimes time management is a real struggle. kids, home, freelance, work drives me crazy. great to know these tips.

  29. Those are great tips and I feel more important to me as I work from home. I need to set boundaries as you said, my family needs to know when I need to work.

  30. I am always in a rush I feel. I guess time management is really important. Thanks for sharing these fantastic tips.

  31. Nameesh says:

    I am reading this article 2nd time and I feel that there are still some things I can take back. Don’t procrastinate, Prioratize, Setting Boundaries, Using technology and avoiding distraction. 🙂

  32. Nice tips make life sorted out

  33. Akanksha says:

    These are such useful tips . I try to maintain a scheduler and weekly journal to get most of my tasks. It really helps maintaining a lot of major activities as well and also keep yourself on time for everything.

  34. Peculiar article, exactly what I needed.

  35. Your method of explaining the whole thing in this post is really good,
    every one be capable of simply understand it,
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