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Brain development  foods for kids


Want your child to do better in school? Take a close look at diet. Certain “brain foods” may help boost a child’s brain growth — plus improve brain function, memory, and concentration.


In fact, the brain is a very hungry organ –

the first of the body’s organs to absorb nutrients from the food we eat, explains Bethany Thayer, MS, RD, a Detroit nutritionist and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

“Give the body junk food, and the brain is certainly going to suffer.”


Growing bodies need many types of nutrients  but these superfoods will help kids get the most from school:




The protein and nutrients in eggs help kids concentrate,


How to serve it :

1) 12 EGGS

2) 1/2 cup milk

3) 12 slices day-old white OR whole wheat bread


4) butter, OPTIONAL

6 servings


Method :

HEAT oven to 500°F. BEAT eggs and milk in large bowl until blended. POUR 1/2 of the egg mixture into 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan. PLACE 6 bread slices in pan; turn slices over and let stand until egg mixture is absorbed. PLACE bread in single layer on well-greased baking sheet.

REPEAT with remaining egg mixture and bread, using a second baking sheet.

BAKE in 500°F oven 6 minutes. TURN slices over; spread with butter, if desired. BAKE until golden brown and no visible liquid egg remains, 3 to 4 minutes longer. SERVE or FREEZE for later use.



A full-fat Greek yoghurt (which has more protein than other yogurts) can help keep brain cells in good form for sending and receiving information.


How to serve it:

 3 Servings

Ingredients for sandwich spread:

1) ¾ cup thick greek yoghurt

2)¼ cup mayonnaise

3)½ tsp pepper powder

4)¼ cup carrot finely chopped ,

5)salt to taste

6)¼ cup cabbage finely chopped

7)¼ cup capsicum finely chopped

8)½ tsp ginger finely chopped

9)¼ cup corn

for sandwich:

1) 6 slices bread white / wholegrain

2) 2 tsp butter

3)1 tsp sesame seeds (til)


Sandwich spread recipe:


In a large mixing bowl take greek yoghurt


also add mayonnaise sauce. (skip if you do not have mayonnaise.)

add crushed / powdered pepper according to your spice level.

sprinkle some salt to taste. and give a good mix.

now add few finely chopped vegetables like carrot, cabbage, capsicum.

add some corn and ginger if you like.

give a good mix and keep aside.

Sandwich recipe:

take any bread and cut the edges of them.

now spread sandwich spread generously over one side of bread slice.

cover and press with other bread slice over it.

heat the tawa or use sandwich maker. add some butter.

when the butter begins to melt, sprinkle some sesame seeds over it.

now place the prepared sandwich and spread over butter.

once, one side of bread turn golden brown, repeat the same step of adding butter and sesame seeds. toast the other side of bread by pressing gently.

to serve, cut the sandwich in half or serve as it is.

Enjoy the yoghurt sandwich with tomato ketchup.


3) Green/ Leafy Vegetables

Full of folate and vitamins, spinach and kale are linked to lower odds of getting dementia later in life.

Kale is a superfood ,it is also a good source of vitamin C and iron packed with antioxidants like  pre-vitamin A called “beta-carotene,” and other things that help new brain cells growth.


Spinach on the other hand is also rich in brain-protective antioxidants along with vitamin K, folate, and lutein.


How to serve it :


Serve it in veg-biryani or chop and add them to your child’s favourite pasta/noodles/sandwich/fries/pakoras


4)  Walnuts

Rich in a variety of nutrients to support brain health including vitamin E, omega-3 fats, copper, manganese, and fiber for brain supportive gut bacteria.


How to serve it :


Serve it sprinkled on ice cream/ desserts /cakes


5) Almonds

Like fatty fish, almonds have high levels of brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and lots of brain-protecting vitamin E. Not only this , it even helps in maintaining good eyesight.


How to serve it :


Serve it sprinkled on ice cream/ desserts /cakes. Best way to serve is soak the Almonds overnight and give your kids early morning on an empty stomach

6) Fish

Fish is a good source of vitamin D and omega-3s, which protect the brain from declining mental skills and memory loss. Salmon, tuna, and sardines are all rich in omega-3s.

“The more omega-3s we can get to the brain, the better it will function and the better kids will be able to focus,”

How to Serve It:

Grill it and offer your child a sauce for dipping, add fish to tacos, or make  sandwiches.


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  1. Vinitha says:

    Yummy recipes! I love all these dishes. 🙂

  2. Shilpa Garg says:

    I loved the egg recipe. We make a similar dish but have never baked it in the oven. Will try it. Thanks for sharing, Amna!

  3. smitha says:

    superb bomb… and this is on top so useful our little one 🙂 tq for sharing
    #Barathon 2018

  4. Very useful post. I preferred walnuts and greens for my son the most.

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